Professional Profile

Dra. Alejandra Certad Molestina

Dr. Alejandra Certad Molestina

CPN-COD: 249-10 Check Membership

- Nutrition Degree, graduated from Universidad Hispanoamericana, 2009

- Certified member of the Nutritionist board of Costa Rica Go to the Nutritionist Board of Costa Rica

Expertise and specialty areas:

4-years' professional experience in the field:

- Private Practice (December 2008 - present day)
- Nutritionist at LAIN medical center (February 2011- February 2012)
- Experience in clinic nutrition and food services as part of university practices (Practice at the National Psychiatry Hospital, San Juan de Dios Hospital and CEN-SINAI at Paraíso, Cartago).


- I Sports Nutrition Seminar by Vida Óptima (May 26 to 27, 2012)
- Overweight, Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome Seminar by MerSalud (April 21, 2010)
- Food and Nutrition Conference & Expo by American Dietetic Association, Chicago (October 25 - 29, 2008)
- VIII Latin American Obesity Congress (CLAO 2008), IV Central American Obesity Congress, II Costa Rican Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome congress, (August 28-30, 2008)
- Optimum nutrition for senior citizens (June 26, 2008)