Why is nutrition important?

Dra. Alejandra Certad Molestina

Health is our greatest gift. Feeling good and fit both physically and mentally is one of the key aspects of our everyday living. However, we rarely appreciate the true value of good health, until we get sick. In other words, most of us take our health for granted.

Having an active life and a healthful eating is the key in order to stay healthy. An adequate nutrition enables us to reach the daily dietary recommendations and keeps us within the optimal calorie needs. The human being needs to distribute and regulate his food intake during the day, in a way that eating gets him all the right nutrients and the right amount of energy necessary to maintain its body within the optimum quality. Hence it's important the way we distribute the variety of food during the day -that is our eating schedule. When we fail at this schedule we tend to feel tired and even exhausted at the end of the day.

If we want to improve our lifestyle, if we have some sort of illness or disease, or if we want to power up our training and physical activity -eating well can definitely help us out. Let's take our first step, let's change our life today!